An unconventional guidebook which helps you find shops and artisans by their portraits.

$ 24.99

A Friendly Guide to the Marrakech Medina

Friendly Guide cover.jpg

Shangri-La on earth, a paradise of natural and curated beauty in a verdant canyon.

$ 10.99

Oasis: A love letter to Rancho Dulce

by Paula Sweet

Magellean's navigator returns to Vicenza 500 years later, commemorating historic voyage.

$ 9.99

Pigafetta returns

by Paula Sweet

Travel tips for a visit to the historic isle located off the coast of Los Angeles, California. Kindle edition

$ 2.99

Return to Paradise: A Love Letter to Catalina

by Paula Sweet and SMoss

A photo ode to Elian Shona, the mysterious island, off the west coast of Scotland which inspired "Peter Pan." Hardbound.

$ 128.99


by Paula Sweet



This remote beach hamlet on the coast of Costa Rica is reputed to have the best surfing in the world. Also the happiest visitors.

$ 9.99

Surf City: A Love Letter to Santa Teresa

by SMoss

A photographic comparison of two cities thousands of miles apart. The first in Northern Italy, the other on a Californian beach.

$ 12.99


by Paula Sweet

Portraits of the residents of a medieval city in the Veneto. No names, just the faces.

$ 26.93

The Vicentini

by Paula Sweet

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