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Friendly Guide cover.jpg

$ 24.99

A Friendly Guide to the Marrakech Medina

An unconventional guidebook which helps you find shops and artisans by their portraits.

Rancho Dulce cover.jpg

$ 10.99

Oasis: A love letter to Rancho Dulce

by Paula Sweet

Shangri-La on earth, a paradise of natural and curated beauty in a verdant canyon.

PARIS cover upright rectangle.jpg

$ 46.99

Paula Sweet's Picture Book of PARIS

Paris like you've never seen it before, in over 400 color photos.

A sea of humanity!

Pigafetta cover.jpg

$ 9.99

Pigafetta returns

by Paula Sweet

Magellean's navigator returns to Vicenza 500 years later, commemorating historic voyage.

Catalina cover.jpg

$ 2.99

Return to Paradise: A Love Letter to Catalina

by Paula Sweet and SMoss

Travel tips for a visit to the historic isle located off the coast of Los Angeles, California. Kindle edition

Supernatural cover.jpg

$ 128.99


by Paula Sweet



A photo ode to Elian Shona, the mysterious island, off the west coast of Scotland which inspired "Peter Pan." Hardbound.

Surf City cover.jpg

$ 9.99

Surf City: A Love Letter to Santa Teresa

by SMoss

This remote beach hamlet on the coast of Costa Rica is reputed to have the best surfing in the world. Also the happiest visitors.

VSB cover.jpg

$ 12.99


by Paula Sweet

A photographic comparison of two cities thousands of miles apart. The first in Northern Italy, the other on a Californian beach.

Vicentini cover.jpg

$ 26.93

The Vicentini

by Paula Sweet

Portraits of the residents of a medieval city in the Veneto. No names, just the faces.

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