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SMoss is the pen name of the American author and brand guru Stanley Moss (b. 1948). He founded The Club of Venice, a private conversation on brands and branding, is a novelist and author of multiple titles concerned with the brand discipline. Moss frequently visits India, voyages which inspire many of his fictional works.

111 Haiku cover.jpg

$ 9.99

111 Haiku

by SMoss

The 3-line poems included in this volume tell the story of a 40-year journey. Brief meditations on life, love and longing, they record a search for illumination in a perplexing world.


$ 16.99

Arborea - a novel

by SMoss

Chaos happens when a famous billionaire visits an eco-resort set among the coastal redwood forest in California

Deals cover.jpg

$ 12.99

The Book of Deals

by SMoss

He's fat, she's selfish, and they're out to steal as much as they can in LA during the go-go 70s. Includes comprehensive footnotes.

Labyrinth cover.jpg


Case Studies of Five Modern Labyrinths

by SMoss

The light was growing dim in the late afternoon of July 10, 1972, when the poet Kenneth Rexroth halted our conversation abruptly and reached for a file at the corner of his desk, sliding it across in my direction. “Look at this,” he said with some exasperation.

Crimson cover.jpg


The Crimson Garter 

The Captain Blackpool Trilogy - Book 1

by Lovejoy

A classical ballerina on the run across Europe, free on stage but entrapped by her life. She's pursued by a mysterious secret agent and chased by her angry husband and her billionaire brother. 

Fate cover.jpg


Fate & the Pearls 

The Captain Blackpool Trilogy - Book 2

by SMoss

In a series of flashbacks we learn of Harry's earliest days in India and beyond, his connection to the House of Jaipur, and the search for the mysterious Marquis who gave the boy his name.



The Jade Lion 
The Captain Blackpool Trilogy - Book 3
by SMoss

The further adventures of Captain Blackpool in the Old West. Cowboys and Indians, mining camps, riverboat gamblers and a buffalo stampede.



Great Again

by SMoss


Own a piece of the 45th presidency with this collectible volume of historical images

Joaquin cover.jpg

$ 8.99

The History and Adventures of the Bandit Joaquin Murietta 

by SMoss

Legendary outlaw and the New York art world meet the ghosts of O. Henry and magical realism. 

HACK IS BACK cover.jpg

$ 13.99


The Hacker - Book 2

by SMoss

Did Vikram really die in the big shoot-out in Dwarka a year ago, where a gang of Nigerian thugs squared off against a rogue regiment from the Indian Army? And who are those crazy, disorganized Israelis making trouble?

Hitman cover.jpg

$ 8.99

Hitman in Delhi 

by Sean Rooney with SMoss

A cool, Indian-born hitman from Southern California is dispatched by a robbery victim to return to New Delhi to exact revenge. But in the process he discovers a deeper conspiracy.

Inverno cover

$ 11.99


by SMoss

A photographic record of what it was like to live through the pandemic in the medieval city of Vicenza, Italy. BW postcards from lockdown. Every day the same. Remember your mask.

LEAVING 2023 COV w ouitline.jpg


Leaving Your Dragon 

by SMoss

A book about getting over it and moving on. Who will you be on your own?

Legacy cover.jpg


Legacy & Power 

by SMoss with Pierre d'Huy

Rather than explain in didactic or academic language, the ideas introduced here present themselves in a classical way, through the venerable technique of storytelling. 

Aquarelles cover.jpg


Un livre des aquarelles 

by SMoss

I use these aquarelles like snapshots. When my hand touches the pencil, the brush, the paint, I become a part of the moment. Nobody else sees it as I did. I saw all these places. I studied them and painted them. They are my memory.



musée imaginaire 
by SMoss

A musée imaginaire or imaginary museum is a collection of essential or favorite works of art, assembled to be brought together in a single ideal museum. 


This book is a collection of architectural images.

NWCB cover.jpg

$ 25.00

The New Wave Cookbook
40th anniversary edition

by SMoss + others

"... no cookbook is cooler or more stylish!”

- Fab 5 Freddy

NUCLEAR cover.jpg

$ 12.99

Nuclear Brands

by SMoss

“...nuclear brands are clearly understood at their inception; successfully express simple and identifiable core precepts; contain explosive and transformative ideas; or cause sudden and powerful conceptual detonations in the popular awareness.”

Poop cover.jpg


Park Avenue Poop

by SMoss + others

The Park Avenue Poop was an early exercise in self-publishing, an anonymous underground scandal sheet which reported on Manhattan gossip from April-August 1982. This is a facsimile edition of the complete issues.


$35 and $25

It's not only about money, in fact it is rich in subtext. It's about weight, incarceration, violence, poetry, euphemisms and cake. Cover design by the legendary Fritz Gottschalk.

Supari cover.jpg

$ 8.99


by SMoss

A cool, Indian-born hitman from Southern California is dispatched by a robbery victim to return to New Delhi to exact revenge. But in the process he discovers a deeper conspiracy, not to mention true love.

Surf City cover.jpg

$ 9.99

Surf City: A Love Letter to Santa Teresa

by SMoss

Twenty five years ago Santa Teresa was a tiny, sleepy fishing village on Costa Rica’s Pacific coast. The city is a laid-back destination with one rough, occasionally unpaved main drag and what some consider the finest surfing beaches in the world.

Swami cover.jpg

$ 19.99

Swami Gopal Buri

by SMoss

The universe sent me to Swami Gopal Buri in 2008, and I visited him three times. These words were written down during our visit in 2011. I do not know his fate.


$ 8.99

Time Out For Dragon!

by SMoss + Paula Sweet

The mechanics of misbehavior, told in an expert voice, understandable to all ages. 

What Did COV May 2020.jpg

$ 7.99

What Did You Just Say?

by SMoss

A decade and a half of seductive vocabulary collected by an obsessive and inveterate brand afficionado. New 2020 edition.

What Is A Brand cover.jpg

$ 10.99

What Is A Brand?

by SMoss

The classic reference text now in its 4th edition, with a new introduction by Fritz Gottschalk and foreward by Michael Wolff.

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