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I am a visual artist, painter, sculptor, fashion designer, photographer. I am an originator. My books are about what I see around me. This includes works by others across many disciplines. One of my Original Muslin Minks is in the permanent collection at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NYC.

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Paula's Proverbs 


by Paula Sweet

​The fusion of word and image, the sharp interrogatory, the incisive observation. Paula shoots from the hip and from the camera. You’ll never look at things quite the same way after you complete Volume 1 of her proverbial pondering and pictures.

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Paula's Proverbs 


by Paula Sweet

​My vision scrolls like cinema as I walk. I see things as they move towards me. I snap when I cannot contain myself.

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$ 20.00

Paula's Proverbs 


by Paula Sweet

Watch for the switchback remark, the turn of phrase, the edgy perspective. And of course the joke.

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Anorexia Mon Amour 


by M.A.T.  edited by Paula Sweet

​The journals of a young French woman written in the years 2011-2013, this extraordinary memoir text documents in her own words her relationship and recovery from anorexia, an eating disorder. It is estimated that 70 million people worldwide can be called anorexics. Also available in a French edition, and Kindle formats.

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Anorexia Mon Amour 


by M.A.T.  edited by Paula Sweet

​The journals of a young French woman written in the years 2011-2013, this extraordinary memoir text documents in her own words her relationship and recovery from anorexia, an eating disorder. It is estimated that 70 million people worldwide can be called anorexics. Also available in an English edition, and Kindle formats.

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Classic: A Love Letter to Milo Reice 

by Paula Sweet

The artist Milo Reice works in a private world of his own creation, drawing his inspiration from the Italian Renaissance, fusing his work with modern themes and preoccupations. A career outsider, he works and draws in his own peculiar time. He builds his own armatures, stretches his own canvases, fabricates his own frames. His home is a private laboratory of color, shape, design. There is only one Milo, and these photographs from 2015-2016 document his individuality and unique process.

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$ 65.94

DO NOT - a book of rules

by Paula Sweet

​In a world of limitation and regulation, how aware are you of the restrictions placed on your own existence? In this collection of signs discovered all over Planet Earth, the artist and photographer Paula Sweet documents the shrinking area of personal freedom and encourages us to rethink the contrary: if a sign is to be placed, should it not encourage us to some productive or positive action?   178 pages

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A Friendly Guide to the Marrakech Medina

by Paula Sweet

​This unconventional guide to the Medina of Marrakech helps you locate shops and shopkeepers in a simple way: portraits of the people who work there. Since everyone in the Medina knows everyone else, this is an excellent way to get to know one of the most fascinating places in Morocco.

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Grandpa Goes Shopping 

The Grandpa Trio

by Paula Sweet

​It's always a big adventure when Grandpa goes to the grocery store. This illustrated book shows you all the things Grandpa does by himself.

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Grandpa Does Yoga 

The Grandpa Trio

by Paula Sweet

Here's how our Grandpa keeps in shape. His weekly yoga workout takes him through a set of simple exercises to stay fit!

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Grandpa Takes A Walk 

The Grandpa Trio

by Paula Sweet

​Our 94-year old Grandpa does it all. In this book, the third of a trio, he takes a long walk out to the pier and observes people enjoying the beach. Grandpa encounters a talkative seagull he met last Summer. Then he sits on a bench. Grandpa has many opinions and everyone knows him. But like all good walks, this one ends when Grandpa decides it's time for his nap. An illustrated story which grandchildren of all ages will enioy, especially for the little details in every photograph.

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Hammam Ladies 

by Paula Sweet

A hamman has operated continuously since 1546 near the Mosque Mouassine in the Marrakech medina. Women only. In the winter of 2015-2016 the artist Paula Sweet visited the hammam and memorialized what she saw in a series of watercolor drawings. This volume contains images of 75 of those works, created from memory, a glimpse into a secret, traditional and intimate world unknown to men. This book was designed in horizontal format with binding at the top edge.

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Oasis: A Love Letter to Rancho Dulce

by Paula Sweet

​The silence becomes a fragrance/
The fragrance settles as dust on a leaf /
The leaf falls and lives beneath the feet
of a lizard/
Here he is king

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Pigafetta Returns 

by Paula Sweet

​Five hundred years ago the Italian adventurer Antonio Pigafétta returned to Vicenza, following a 3-year sea voyage, the first circumnavigation of the world. This book documents a ceremonial re-creation of Pigafétta’s return to Vicenza, which included a procession through town, readings from his journal, a visit to his ancestral home and other landmarks including the Basilica of Palladio.

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Return to Paradise: A Love Letter to Catalina 


photos by Paula Sweet  text bySMoss

​Catalina is a small island just off the coast of Los Angeles. This special edition has been formatted exclusively for the convenience of Kindle and tablet readers. Full text appears as the first pages of the document, with a photo gallery as the final pages.

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by Paula Sweet

A photo ode to Elian Shona, the mysterious island off the west coast of Scotland which inspired "Peter Pan." Hardbound.

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$ 19.99

Tales of Knobs 

by Paula Sweet

A treatise on coming and going, entering and exiting, opening and closing, and other life passages.


$ 8.99

Time Out For Dragon! 

by SMoss + Paula Sweet

The mechanics of misbehavior, spelled out by an expert voice.

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by Paula Sweet

​Two cities on planet Earth existing at a distance of 6116 miles. In this photographic meditation, photographer Paula Sweet explores the similarities and differences between Seal Beach, California and Vicenza, Italy.

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$ 26.93

The Vicentini 

by Paula Sweet

A series of portraits of the remarkable people who live and work in the city of Vicenza, Italy.

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$ 40.00

what is between us 

nina sobell

by Paula Sweet

A career artist takes note of how action and interaction coexist in multiple dimensions.

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