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Mike Berg is an American artist living and working in Istanbul, Turkey and New York City.

His designs span a range of media from drawings to paintings, digital emulations, wood and metal constructions, textiles, and rugs.

He often works in collaboration with traditional artisans.

berg 3.2.jpg
cup mike mock trans 6.png
cup mike mock trans 3.png
cup mike mock trans 2.png
cup mike mock trans 4.png
cup mike mock trans 1.png
mike berg mockup j.png
mike berg mockup zx.png
mike berg mockup z (2).png
tee mike mock trans 4.png
pillow mike trans mock.png
pillow mike mock trans 2.png
mike berg mock up zl (2).png
mike berg mockup zdd.png
mike berg mockup v (2).png
tote mike mock trans 3.png
tote mike mock trans 5.png

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mugs, t-shirts, tote bags, pillows

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