$ 16.99

Arborea - a novel

by SMoss

Wild doings at an eco-resort among the California redwoods when a famous billionaire visits

Deals cover.jpg

$ 12.99

The Book of Deals

by SMoss

He's fat, she's selfish, and they're out to steal as much as they can in LA during the go-go 70s. Includes comprehensive footnotes.

Labyrinth cover.jpg

$ 10.99

Case Studies of Five Modern Labyrinths

by SMoss

A manuscript presented by the author of The Illustrated Cyclopedia of Conjectural Edifices.

Crimson cover.jpg

$ 14.98

The Crimson Garter

The Captain Blackpool Trilogy


by Lovejoy

A ballerina on the run, followed by an enigmatic secret agent, in the first novel of an historic series set during the Napoleonic Wars..

Fate cover.jpg

$ 14.98

Fate & the Pearls

The Captain Blackpool Trilogy


by SMoss

More information about Captain Blackpool's origins, his travels in India, intrigue in Venice.

HACK IS BACK cover.jpg

$ 13.99


The Hacker - Book 2

by SMoss

The rogue hacker in cahoots with Israeli operatives. Private jets, cybercrimes, Bitcoins, shady billionaires.

Joaquin cover.jpg

$ 8.99

The History...

of Jaoquin Murietta

by SMoss

Legendary outlaw and the New York art world meet the ghosts of O. Henry and magical realism. 

Hitman cover.jpg

$ 8.99

Hitman in Delhi

by Sean Rooney with SMoss

Screenplay based on the story "Supari", including an informative essay about how the script was written.

La Toux cover.jpg

$ 10.99

La Toux

by Pierre d'Huy

A novel in French about a returning soldier during the First World War.

Supari cover.jpg

$ 8.99


by SMoss

Meek professor gets robbed on an Indian train. He dispatches slick hitman to go after the bad guys and Delhi underworld explodes.