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Pierre d'Huy   AUTHOR

Former Dean of Innovation at EDHEC Business School in Paris, and author of "L'innovation pour Nuls," among other titles. Also associated with Regis Debray and the Mediologists. His writings regularly appear in the journal Medium.

Legacy cover.jpg


Legacy & Power 

by SMoss with Pierre d'Huy

The way in which cultural values pass from generation to generation is the subject of this book. The ideas introduced here present themselves in a classical way, through the venerable technique of storytelling.

La Toux cover.jpg

$ 10.99

La Toux 
by Pierre d'Huy

La Toux, c’est l’histoire singulière d’un homme qui fut enterré deux fois dans la tourmente de la première guerre mondiale.

Traumas COV.jpg

by Pierre d'Huy et Sophie Blanchat

In French, a novelistic exploration of delusional search for fame. False heroics. Inspired by a true story.

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