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Grandpa yoga cover.jpg

$ 10.99

Grandpa Does Yoga

The Grandpa Trio - Book 1

by Paula Sweet

This unusual book contains a yoga workout designed for our 90 year old grandpa. Many seated poses.

Grandpa shopping cover.jpg

$ 12.99

Grandpa Goes Shopping

The Grandpa Trio - Book 2

by Paula Sweet

This book is about the possibilities of empowerment for the elderly, written in a voice understandable by all ages. 

Grandpa walk cover.jpg

$ 12.99

Grandpa Takes a Walk

The Grandpa Trio - Book 3

by Paula Sweet

Grandpa takes a walk in the neighborhood, interacts with many people. Then he takes a nap.

Mandalas cover.jpg

$ 14.99


by Cat Soubbotnik

During a residency in Switzerland, the photographer and artist Cat Soubbotnik collected botanical specimens, then arranged them into mandala shapes.

Knobs cover.jpg

$ 19.99

Tales of Knobs

by Paula Sweet

Since the advent of the modern door numerous iterations of the way in have come and gone. This is a book about such passages.


$ 8.99

Time Out For Dragon!

by SMoss + Paula Sweet

The mechanics of misbehavior, spelled out in the simplest of terms, for all ages.

VSB cover.jpg

$ 12.99


by Paula Sweet

A photographic comparison of two cities thousands of miles apart. The first in Northern Italy, the other on a Californian beach.

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