$ 19.99


by Cat Soubbotnik

A dedicated photographer's meditations on clouds. 

$ 18.99


by Alexandre d'Huy

A young Parisian painter explores war machines and what they mean in a series of oils and drawings.

$ 10.99

Classic: A Love Letter to Milo Reice

by Paula Sweet

A New Wave Figurative painter whose California home is a work of art unto itself.

Degenerate work cover.jpg

$ 11.99

Degenerate Work

by Mike Berg

Explorations of geometry and repetition transformed into metallic objects and artisan weavings.

DEVIANT Front Cover.jpg

$ 15.99

Deviant Work

by Mike Berg

New gouache paintings executed in Istanbul during the days of the pandemic. 

Do Not cover.jpg

$ 65.94

DO NOT - A Book of Rules

by Paula Sweet

Photographic documentation of how human lives are constrained in a world of posted signs.

Hamman Ladies cover.jpg

$ 15.99

Hammam Ladies

by Paula Sweet

Behind closed doors at a women-only hammam in Marrakech, in watercolors by the author.

Aquarelles cover.jpg

$ 9.99

Un livre des aquarelles

by SMoss

The eye is a camera, and the brush becomes an instrument for commemoration.

$ 14.99


by Cat Soubbotnik

A photographer uses the wildflowers of the Alps as ephemeral metaphor.

$ 12.99

Paula's Proverbs


by Paula Sweet

Read the sizzling debut that altered the collective consciousness

$ 12.99

Paula's Proverbs


by Paula Sweet

The explosive second volume of radical thought which transformed Western culture in 2015.

$ 23.99


by Mattia Bonetti

Doodles and scribbles from the pen of the enigmatic Paris-based designer.

Herbarium FRONT COV.jpg

$ 20.00

Shadow Herbarium

by Markus Hansen

Hansen's post-Fluxus minimalism is both enigmatic and provocative. A pictorial meditation.

$ 19.99

Tales of Knobs

by Paula Sweet

A treatise on coming and going, entering and exiting, opening and closing, and other life passages.

$ 40.00

what is between us

nina sobell

by Paula Sweet


A career artist takes note of how action and interaction coexist in multiple dimensions.

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